It’s no secret that I love working with realtors to really create images that match their marketing and branding efforts but working with Donavaun Horne for his realtor headshots and branding images was such a blast. For those of you who don’t know him yet, let me tell you a little about him.

Initial Thoughts on His Realtor Headshots and Branding Session

First of all, Donavaun is enthusiastic and cheerful. He’s just full of that kind of positive energy that can help alleviate anyone’s bad day. When we were planning his professional portraits, those parts of his personality were definitely something that I wanted the images to give a sense of. He also is knowledgeable in all sorts of interesting areas. We had a great talk about investing at one point, but more importantly, he really likes being a go-to resource of all things pertaining to living in Gainesville and Alachua County. Need a restaurant or where to take the out-of-town family suggestion, Donavaun’s your guy.

In general, Donavaun is a realtor here in Gainesville. He’s a UF alumni (Go Gators!) and has been a long time resident of the area. He is accredited to assist with first-time buyers, VA home buyers, relocations, and investment/foreclosure properties. Donavaun became a realtor almost a decade ago when after not having the experience he thought he was going to when purchasing his first home, he felt like he could do it much better for others. He understands buying a house, especially your first house, is huge deal and so is lack-luster experience was our gain. Now he makes sure that all of his clients feel like they understand each step of the process and feel good about it.

Additional Considerations for his Portraits

When I asked Donavaun about his main goal with his client experience, he told me it was to bring incredible value to every transaction by making his clients feel at ease, informed, and empowered in their home buying or selling experience. That definitely was something else we could take into consideration when planning his branding photos because there are ways to evoke a sense of calm in headshots that are also still giving off a sense of confidence. We also decided that outdoor and on-location portraits would make for the best background for his headshots given some of his other goals.

His favorite part of his job you ask? Watching my clients make the home their own over time. I love it when they send me before and after pictures.

Check out some highlights from our realtor branding session together below and if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Alachua County, definitely reach out to Donavaun. You can find the link to his website HERE.

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