Usually when people come to me to update their professional headshots, I feel like they are dreading getting new photos of themselves taken. The truth is though, that not only do updated headshots not have to be boring, they can also be quite fun. First of all, in a lot of professions, headshots no longer need to be on a grey or blue background and so they can take on a much more editorial look by shooting on-location. The other thing is that in this digital age, there are all types of sites and apps that need profile images where a simple selfie isn’t quite cutting it. Both of these reasons allow for much more creativity when it comes to shooting professional headshots, along with opportunities to show a little more of your personality and interests–which is why I really like taking headshots in this day and age and had a great time photographing Scott’s headshots. Here are some highlights.

professional headshots of main on UF campus


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