Zakiya is one of the brightest young women that I know. She is one of those women that can do it all – be incredible at her job, while earning an MBA from UF (which is an such an impressive program to get into in the first place). So when she reached out to me for portraits with her family, I was excited to meet some of the people that have played an important role in her life–although I learned quickly that when you get these three together, there’s a lot of silliness that happens too.

Her brother and mother had never been to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, and it makes for such a nice backdrop for family portraits, so off we went. Don’t let the “sweet” images fool you, we were pretty much cracking up the whole time. Unfortunately, her dad wasn’t able to make it this time, but I can only imagine that it would have been that much more fun/hilarious with one more added to the mix! I definitely look forward to meeting him next time.

portraits of mother with her two childrenbrother and sister laughing in fall leavesmother and children portraits in gardenchildren laughing with their mom in portraits

As for Wall Art from the session, we decided that a set of four canvas gallery wraps would make for a beautiful collection for mom. Originally we were going to make all four the same size but as you can see from the draft below, we settle on two square pieces and two rectangles. This is the first time I’ve order this combination of sizes for clients and I love it! Canvas gallery wraps come ready to hang, with a sleek, black backing, protective wall bumpers, and a pre-installed sawtooth hanger. Unlike bargain canvas prints, which are stretched around a flimsy frame, these gallery wraps have a solid, sag-free surface, are printed on archival-quality canvas, and laminated with a protective, UV coating to keep them looking beautiful for decades to come. Here’s our end draft display. I can’t wait to see the final product up!

Mockup of canvas gallery wraps for client