What an incredibly fun engagement session with these two! Morgan and Drew share a love for wildlife, science and really anything outdoors-related. If you’re looking to go on a weekend adventure like kayaking, fishing or boating, these two are the ones you’re going to want to go with. Drew’s very calm and relaxed demeanor balances perfectly with Morgan’s infectious laugh and wonderful energy. You just can’t have a bad time when you are with the two of them, and that was certainly reflected with how much laughing we were doing during their engagement session.

Since they are planning a Florida-themed wedding, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens made for a perfect location for engagement photos. The gardens provide a great mix of colorful, tropical plants, swampland staples among great, beautiful oaks to make for a perfect Florida setting. I can’t wait to photography their wedding!

portrait of couple in gardensportrait of couple in gardensportrait of couple in gardens
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