Adrienne Fletcher Photography | Greensburg, PA Engagement SessionCaitlin and Phil are the type of people that you love being around because they are so chill. The day of our shoot was the first time that Phil was meeting me and while most guys take a second to open up to a stranger with a camera, Phil was relaxed and awesome straight from the start.

We started the engagement session at Twin Lakes Park in Greensburg, PA. I had never been to this park but was particularly excited to find that the lake was frozen, which meant that I took full advantage of standing on the ice in order to get some angles not possible otherwise. This, of course, also meant that I proceeded to break the ice while running around on it and fall into the freezing water. Thankfully, this happened in a shallow area and only my socks and shoes got wet but I was a bit grateful that the sun was setting quickly so we couldn’t be out in the cold for too long.

These two also have a great sense of humor and so when I suggested we stop by Walmart (where they originally met) to take a couple gag shots, they were totally up for it. It was definitely not a typical place for an engagement session but we had a blast!

Adrienne Fletcher Photography | Greensburg, PA Engagement Session

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